You have two options for submitting a support request,

  1. Submit a ticket through DataFirst's support portal; or

  2. Sending an email to


In both cases it is important to describe the issue or question with which you would like our help as clearly as possible.

Submitting a ticket through the support portal

It is not necessary to be registered or logged in in order to submit a ticket. However, it is important to always supply the same email address when using the service so that we can link your tickets to you. Creating an account also allows you to monitor your queries and build up a query profile. On the support portal homepage - - click the "Submit a ticket" button on the top right of the page. You will be presented with a form asking for a number of details, including 
  • your email address: this is used to identify you and to communicate with you
  • a "subject" line: provide a short description of your issue
  • An optional dropdown box asking whether your issue is about data, metadata, software or analysis/methods
  • An optional dropdown box asking which dataset your query relates to
  • And a "description" field where you can enter a more detailed description of your query.


Once you have submitted the ticket, you will receive an email confirmation that the issue has been received an is in the queue to be processed. You will receive a response from our staff. 
If you would like to address your query to a specific person (maybe because you have dealt with him/her before about a similar issue), indicate this by putting the person's name in square brackets at the end of your subject line.

Submitting a ticket by email

Send an email to our support site with a short description of your query in the subject line and a more detailed description in the body of the email. Please remember the following:
  • Please try to always use the same email address to contact us - this makes it much easier for us to link your tickets together;
  • If your query is about a specific dataset, please mention the dataset clearly in the subject;
  • If you would like to address your query to a specific person, please put his/her name in square brackets at the end of the subject.

You will receive confirmation that a ticket has been created for your support request by return email automatically from the system. A staff member will contact you shortly thereafter.